Ontario International Development Agency
“Innovating ideas for a better world”
Ontario   International   Development   Agency   (OIDA)   is   a   non   governmental   organization   (NGO)   registered   in   Ontario,   Canada.   OIDA   does   not   represent   any political    or    religious    groups.    OIDA    provides    humanitarian    programs    to    develop    skills    and    alleviate    poverty,    chronic    unemployment,    and    hunger    in    rural communities   in      South Asian   and   West African   countries.   OIDA   programs   have   also   expanded   to Afghanistan   and   Haiti.   OIDA   is   actively   involved   in      the   creation of   a   conducive   and   sustainable   environment   through   programs   and   projects,   fostering   socio   economic   development   by   promoting   ethnic   harmony,   ensuring   the provision of equal opportunities to all.   OIDA   funds   applied   research   by   researchers   from   South   Asian   and   West   African   countries   on   the   problems   they   identify   as   crucial   to   their   communities.   It   also helps   to   obtain   technical   support   to   those   researchers   from   Canadian   universities   and   colleges,   institutions   and   Non   governmental   organizations      associated   with it.   OIDA   builds   local   capacity   in   developing   countries   to   undertake   projects   and   create   innovations,   believing   that   people   from   developing,   especially   South Asian and   West   African   countries,   must   take   the   lead   in   producing   and   applying   knowledge   for   the   benefit   of   their   own   communities.   OIDA   also   fosters   alliances   and knowledge sharing between scientific, academic, and development communities in Canada and developing countries, and supports its development projects.   International Development Policy and Mandate   The   purpose   of   development   assistance   is   to   support   sustainable   development   in   developing   countries,   in   order   to   reduce   poverty   and   to   contribute   to   a   more secure, equitable, and prosperous world.   Development cooperation policy and programs will:   Advance   Canadian   values   of   global   citizenship,   equity,   and   environmental   sustainability,   as   well   as   Canadian   interests   regarding   security,   prosperity,   and governance;   Deliver   visible,   durable   impact   on   the   world's   key   development   challenges   as   identified   in   the   Millennium   Development   Goals   (MDGs)   Focus   on   reducing poverty through an effective and focused approach which will match Canadian niches with developing countries' needs in coordination with other partners;   Recognize and promote sustainable solutions to address the critical linkages between environmental degradation, poverty, and social inequity; and   Mobilize Canadians to build our society's capacity to contribute effectively to global poverty reduction. Ontario Corporation #: 1673435 Agency Founded in 2001