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OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development Open Access Journal (ISSN 1923 - 6654 (print) , 1923 - 6662 (online) Editors
Henri R. Pallard, Ph.D. (Executive Editor / Editor-in-Chief) Director,   International   Centre   for   Interdisciplinary   Research   in Law Professor Law and Justice Laurentian University 935, Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury Ontario, P3E 2C6 CANADA   Christopher Isike, Ph.D. Head, Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), University of Zululand, SOUTH AFRICA   Mohshin Habib, Ph.D. Senior   Lecturer,   Department   of   Leadership   and   Management   & Director, Post Graduate Program in International Business, Faculty of Business and Enterprise Swinburne University of Technology PO Box 218 Hawthorn (Mail No. H23), Victoria 3122 AUSTRALIA.   Stamatios Tzitzis, Ph.D Institut of Criminology, University of Paris II, FRANCE.   Maria Protopapa-Marneli , Ph.D. Academy of Athens, GREECE. Li Wanxian, Ph.D. Professor Hebei University of Economics and Business Shijiazhuang 050061 CHINA
Neville Hewage, Ph.D. (Managing Editor), Researcher International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Law (ICIRL) Laurentian University 935, Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury Ontario, P3E 2C6 CANADA.   Kooi Guan (Steven) Cheah, Ph.D. Faculty, Economics Department, School of Business, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, British Columbia, CANADA   Masudur Rahman, Ph.D. Associate Professor Faculty of Social Sciences Nord University, NORWAY.   Manuel Juan Pelaez Albendea, Ph.D. University of Malaga, SPAIN.   Paulo Ferreira Da Cunha. Ph.D. University of Porto, PORTUGAL. Viacheslav Rudnev, Ph.D. Senior research fellow. Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Russian Academy of Sciences Moscow, RUSSIA.
To access Journal please  click here OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development is hosted by Social Science Research Network (SSRN), a publishing platform for academic journals. Available  on URL:   http://www.ssrn.com/link/OIDA-Intl-Journal-Sustainable-Dev.html   You also can access  journal here
OIDA International Journal of Sustainable Development The   journal   is   a   forum   presenting   high-quality   research   in   both   social   and   applied   science   to   a   broad   audience   of   communities   working   in   international   development.   The articles   will   appeal   to   social   and   applied   scientists,   both   inside   and   outside   academia,   as   well   as   non   specialists.   In   addition,   the   OIDA   International   Journal   of   Sustainable Development   publishes   specially-commissioned   feature   articles   and   the   proceedings   of   papers   presented   at   its   International   Conference   on   Sustainable   Development   which focuses on the synthesis and integration of applied research and its application to future research agendas.   International Conference on Sustainable Development The   International   Conference   on   Sustainable   Development   is   jointly   presented   by   the   Ontario   International   Development   Agency   (OIDA)   and   the   International   Centre   for Interdisciplinary Research in Law (ICIRL) at Laurentian University in Canada.   Ontario   International   Development   Agency   (OIDA)   and   International   Centre   for   Interdisciplinary   Research   in   Law      (ICIRL)   will   connect   with   host   country   partner   as   knowledge   hub   to   organize   the   International   Conference   on   Sustainable   Development.   The   conference   is   providing   an   inter-disciplinary   forum   on   global   sustainable development   for   practitioners   and   academics.   The   Conference   is   serving   as   a   forum   to   foster   dialogue   among   various   stakeholders,   including   senior   level   policy   makers, academics, and practitioners.   The   conference   also   proposes   multidisciplinary   strategies   for   economic,   socio-political,   cultural,   and   institutional   changes.   The   conference   aims   to   exchange   and   share   all stakeholders'   experiences   and   research   results   about   all   aspects   of   sustainable   human   and   social   development,   and   discuss   the   practical   challenges   encountered   and   the solutions   adopted.   This   conference   provides   opportunities   for   the   delegates   to   exchange   new   ideas   and   apply   experiences   face   to   face,   to   establish   business   or   research relations, and to find global partners for future collaboration   Objective The Agency's   objective   is   to   provide   rapid,   worldwide   distribution   of   research   to   authors   and   their   readers   and   to   facilitate   communication   among   them   at   the   lowest   possible cost.   Publishing platform The   Agency   has   established   a   "partner   in   publishing"   with   Social   Science   Research   Network,   (SSRN)   USA   .   OIDA   International   Journal   of   Sustainable   Development   hosted by Social Science Research Network (SSRN), a publishing platform for academic journals.   Publisher:  Ontario International Development Agency, Canada.   Indexing All Accepted   papers   will   be   indexed   in   DOAJ ,   SSRN,   EBSCO   and AMICUS,   Library   and Archives   Canada's   database   to,      ensure      its   permanent   preservation   for   present   and future generations.   Publication Frequency:  12 issues per year   Submission Procedure   Step 01: Authors   are   invited   to   submit   papers   directly   to   the   Journal   or   respective   conference.      In   both   cases,   abstracts   or   extended   abstract   must   submit   in   editable   format   (.doc   and .docx)  and shuould send via e-mail to   oida@ontariointernational.org    with a  submission form.   Please download  submission form here  .    
The authours do not have steady Internet access may submit via email   oida@ontariointernational.org   with corresponding reference number   The   authors   who   submitted   papers   for   the   conference   do   not   need   to   re-submit   same   for   the   journal.   All   conference   papers   will      automatically   be   considered   for   journal publication.   All   full   paper   submissions   will   be   peer   reviewed   and   evaluated   based   on   originality,   technical   and/or   research   content/depth,   correctness,   relevance   to conference,   contributions,   and   readability.   The   full   paper   submissions   will   be   chosen   based   on   technical   merit,   interest,   applicability,   and   how   well   they   fit   a   coherent   and balanced   technical   program.   The   accepted   abstracts   of   full   papers   will   be   published   in   the      refereed   conference   proceedings.   Prospective   authors   are   kindly   invited   to submit full text papers including results, tables, figures and references. The References should follow    APA format. All   submitted   papers   will   have   opportunities   for   consideration. The   selection   will   be   carried   out   during   the   review   process   as   well   as   at   the   conference   presentation   stage   if the   paper   is   accepted   for   the   conference   proceedings.   Submitted   papers   must   not   be   under   consideration   by   any   other   journal   or   publication.   The   final   decision   will   be made   based   on   peer   review   reports.   Please   note,   it   is   not   necessary   to   submit   a   paper   for   the   conference.   If   you   do   not   wish   to   attend   the   conference,   you   may   directly submitted the paper to the Journal.   Publication cost While   the   peer-reviewed   OIDA   journal   is   accessible   online   without   cost   to   readers,   it   is   not   costless   to   produce.      The   papers   are   available   to   all   users   at   no   charge   and     links   to   the   full   text   can   be   found   in   the   SSRN   eLibrary.   Achieving   open   and   easy   access   to   modern   research   via   online   will   require   new   cost   recovery   models   and financing   mechanisms.   The   publication   of   a   high   quality   online   journal   is   a   very   expensive   operation.   In   addition   to   all   the   fixed   costs   usually   associated   with   print   journal publishing   (reviewing,   editing,   data   processing,   printing,   and   distribution),   there   are   costs   associated   with   online   publication   (including   software   development   costs, hosting, and user support). The scientific research community considers author charges as a viable way of covering publication costs. Special Note about Plagiarism Plagiarism   is   a   very   real   problem   in   the   scholarly   research   community.   Internet   plagiarism   is   an   epidemic   since   it   is   readily   available   and   can   be   found   in   every   corner.   If you   submit   plagiarized   content   even   without   your   intention,   you   not   only   commit   an   injustice   against   the   original   researchers,   but   you   can   severely   damage   your reputation   and   be   subject   to   legal   ramifications.   Now,   with   the   click   of   a   button,   OIDA   can   upload   a   submission   for   comparison   with   content   from   more   than   21,000 journals   to   ensure   articles   you   send   are   original   work.   ScholarOne’s   plagiarism   checking   feature   makes   it   easy   to   protect   the   OIDA   journal   from   publishing   plagiarized content. OIDA submits your paper (s) to ScholarOne and ScholarOne’s plagiarism protection service to avoid publishing plagiarized contents. OIDA   is   working   with   ScholarOne   and   ScholarOne’s   plagiarism   protection   service   lets   us   quickly   and   easily   submit   a   manuscript   to   iThenticate   directly   from   our ScholarOne   Manuscripts   site.   Customized   to   our   workflow,   OIDA   can   set   role-by-role   submission   rights   and   access   the   iThenticate   link   anywhere   in   the   review   process. OIDA   can   also   pre-define   similarity   index   thresholds,   automatically   triggering   an   email   when   this   meets   or   exceeds   our   set   value. This   notification   can   be   configured   to   be delivered   to   anyone.   OIDA   is   also   working   with   CrossRef.   CrossRef   is   an   industry-leading   non-profit   association   providing   comparison   services   to   help   journals   ensure only   original   content   is   published.   When   your   manuscript   is   uploaded   to   the   CrossCheck   database   for   verification,   it   is   compared   to   all   other   articles   in   their   database using   iThenticate   technology.   In   less   than   a   minute,   OIDA   get   a   full   report   of   the   manuscript’s   similarity   to   all   others   in   the   system. This   Overall   Similarity   Index   Percentage lets   us   quickly   and   easily   see   how   unique   the   content   of   the   submission   is.   OIDA   can   make   decisions   based   on   this   score   or   drill   down   further   to   see   the   exact   phrases and   language   matches,   allowing   us   to   determine   if   similarities   are   because   of   commonly   used   phrases   within   the   field   or   if   the   author   likely   borrowed   another   author’s work.   ScholarOne,   a   Thomson   Reuters   Business,   provides   comprehensive   workflow   management   systems   for   scholarly   journals,   books,   and   conferences.   Its   Web-based application   enables   publishers   to   manage   the   submission,   peer   review,   production,   and   publication   processes   more   efficiently,   increasing   their   profile   among   authors, decreasing   time-to-market   for   critical   scientific   data,   and   lowering   infrastructure   costs.   ScholarOne   offers   workflow   solutions   for   the   submission   and   review   of   manuscripts, abstracts,   proceedings   and   production.   Supporting   over   365   societies   and   publishers,   over   3,400   books   and   journals,   and   13   million   users,   ScholarOne   is   the   industry leader.   ScholarOne   cannot   be   wrong.   OIDA   will   not   publish   any   plagiarized   contents   with   any   paper   until   it   meets   the   journal   standards   and/or   it   may   be   subjected   to complete rejection and/or a publishing embargo may be enforced for up to 20 years on the journal.   Paper Acceptance You will receive the admission decision or paper/abstract acceptance within 5 days (in most cases), after your application or abstract/paper has been received.   Extended Abstract writing guide To be considered for review, an extended abstract must include: (a) A working title that clearly identifies the conference objectives being addressed (b) A statement of the empirical or theoretical concern (c) A short summary locating the concern within a wider literature (d) A concise account of the empirical or theoretical methodological approach (e) The main arguments of the paper and an indication of the supporting evidence (f) A statement of the main conclusions and their relevance to an international audience   The   extended   abstract   should   be   approximately   600   words   in   length,   but   no   less   than   400   or   more   than   800   words. Abstracts   are   not   meeting   these   requirements,      will   not be accepted.   Manuscript Format and Style (Writing Guide) Title and Authorship Information The following information should be included  Paper title Author and all co-authour(s) names Full institutional mailing addresses e-mail addresses of author and all co-authors   When   submitting   manuscripts   for   potential   publication   in   the   conference   proceedings,   please   submit   an   original   editable   file   in   one   of   the   (.doc,   .docx,)   style   files.   All figures,   images,   tables,   etc.,   should   be   embedded   into   the   original   file.   All   submitted   full   text   articles   should   report   original,   previously   unpublished   research   results   and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.   Detailed instructions on preparing papers for submission can be found in the    Paper submission instructions. Abstract:   The manuscript should contain an abstract. The abstract should be self-contained and citation-free.   Keywords:   Add about four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.   Introduction:   This section should be succinct, with no subheadings.   Acknowledgments:          All   acknowledgments   (if   any)   should   be   included   at   the   very   end   of   the   manuscript   before   the   references   and   may   include   supporting   grants, presentations, and so forth.   References:        Authors   are   responsible   for   ensuring   that   the   information   in   each   reference   is   complete   and   accurate. All   references   must   be   numbered   consecutively   and citations   of   in   text   references   should   be   identified   using   numbers   in   square   brackets   (e.g.,   “as   discussed   by   Smith   [9]”;   “as   discussed   elsewhere   [9,   10]”).   All   references should be cited within the text; otherwise, these references will be automatically removed. All references should follow      APA format.   Preparation   of   Figures:         Each   figure   should   be   embedded   in   the   electronic   manuscript   file.   All   figures   should   be   cited   in   the   manuscript   in   a   consecutive   order.   Each figure is subject to resizing to fit into the column's width of or the full text width for consistency and clarity.   Preparation   of   Tables:         Tables   should   be   cited   consecutively   in   the   text.   Every   table   must   have   a   descriptive   title   and   if   numerical   measurements   are   given,   the   units should be included in the column heading. Vertical rules should not be used.   Proofs   and   Reprints:         Corrected   proofs   must   be   returned   to   the   publisher   within   7   days   of   receipt.   The   publisher   will   do   everything   possible   to   ensure   prompt publication.   The   use   of   general   descriptive   names,   trade   names,   trademarks,   and   so   forth   in   this   publication,   even   if   not   specifically   identified,   does   not   imply   that   these   names   are   not protected by the relevant laws and regulations.   Summary of General Submission Guidelines - Extended Abstract Avoid duplicate submissions. If you send it by e-mail, DO NOT also mail a hard copy. Only word documents (.doc and .docx file format) are accepted. Complete your submission by the deadline. Provide required information such as name, contact information Comply with the abstract size limitation. (The abstract should be approximately 600 words in length, but no less than 400 or more than 800 words) Omit    graphics,    attachments,    or    other    additional    information.   Abstract    submissions    are    limited    to    text    only,    unless    the    topic    is    Research.    No    graphics    or attachments. Extended abstracts for Research papers -. Extended abstracts should be a maximum of four pages in length, containing no more than two pages of text and two pages of data in the form of charts or graphs. Review submission confirmation messages  - A confirming e-mail will be sent  you. If you have questions or problems with your submission, please contact us. Membership in OIDA is not a requirement for presentation or journal paper submission. Individuals   or   organizations   may   submit   as   many   abstracts   or   papers   as   they   choose,   but   each   abstract   can   only   be   submitted   in   one   topic   area.   If   more   than   one   abstract is   submitted   on   different   aspects   of   an   individual   project,   the   project   may   be   selected   more   than   once   for   presentation.   In   all   cases,   organizers   will   contact   to   confirm   their availability to make the presentation.   Submission Topics The   OIDA   International   Conference   on   Sustainable   Development   will   bring   together   leading   researchers   and   practitioner   with   interest   in   sustainable   social   and   human development around the world. Brief guide to    submission topics, can be found here.   (pdf)   Current Fee Structure Note: There is no submission fee. Publication fees are payable for articles upon acceptance.   OIDA funded projects (usually 85% papers on the journal are from OIDA funded projects)  - Free Letter to the Editor and invited articles - Free OIDA Conference paper (cost covered by Conference  - Free Regular papers, short papers and short research commentaries - US $ 250.00 Order a print issue - Canada and USA (includes shipping)  - US $ 50.00 Order a print issue - International (Includes shipping)  -  US  $ 70.00 Order a electronic copy of issue in pdf format - Free   Payment Procedure You   can   make   payments   using   Paypal,   by   VISA,   MASTERCARD,   American   Express   directly   through   the   secure   OIDA   online   store.   You   have   options   to   pay   either   via Paypal or directly from your credit card. Please click below and select appropriate option.
Your credit card will indicate payment as "ONTARIOINTE"   By Wire Transfer -  Note:   Authours must submit their corresponding reference number with wire transfer. (Most preferred method)   Bank Name CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE (CIBC)   Bank Address Findlay Creek Banking Centre C anadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) 4756 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 0K8,  Canada.   Payable to (Beneficiary) Ontario International Development Agency   Bank Identification Number: 010   Branch Transit Number: 01096   Beneficiary Account number: 01096 1007602   Bank Identifier (Swift Code): C I B C C A T T   Mailing Address Ontario International Development Agency 364 Moffatt Pond Court Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 0C7, Canada. By Western Union You   may   required   prior   approval   from   secretariat,   Ontario   International   Development   Agency   (OIDA).   Please   contact   OIDA   for   more   details.   Please   do   not   send money without prior approval.   By Bank Drafts Bank draft should be payable to "Ontario International Development Agency" Mailing Address: Ontario International Development Agency 364 Moffatt Pond Court, Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 0C7, Canada. If you required more information, please contact our office.   Managing Editor OIDA IJSD Journal Publication Division Ontario International Development Agency 364 Moffatt Pond Court Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 0C7 Canada. Tel: + 1 613 612 7615 e-mail: oida@ontariointernational.org website: www.ontariointernational.org