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Volunteers and Interns   Volunteerism   in   Canada   is   a   part   of   our   heritage. The   Canadian   voluntary   and   non-profit   sector   is   made   up   of   more   than   180   000   organizations,   6.5   million   volunteers   and 1.3 million paid staff.   What are some tips to getting started as an Internship / volunteer? If   you   are   interested   in   volunteering,   but   aren't   sure   where   to   begin,   try   asking   yourself   the   following   questions   to   determine   what   kind   of   volunteer   opportunities   will   be best suited to you:   I f you had all the human and financial resources in the world, what problem would you solve, what would you change or what would you create? Your answer will tell you what matters the most to you.   What kind of time commitment are you willing to make?   Are you looking for a regular / weekly volunteer commitment or a short-term / one-time opportunity?   Would you like to volunteer with other people or by yourself?   Would you like to volunteer from your own home or would you prefer to volunteer at an organization?   If you would like to volunteer away from home, where is the best location for you? Near your home, your work, or your child's day care?   Do you have specific skills or talents you would like to share with an organization?   Would you like to develop a specific skill?   What are your personal goals? Would you like to re-enter the workforce? Meet new people?   The answers to these questions will provide you with an outline of your volunteer expectations. You may now join with OIDA to support our programs.   Volunteer / Internship Opportunities   At   OIDA,   interns   have   an   opportunity   to   be   involved   in   many   aspects   of   business   development,   implementation   and   program   activities   and   provide   support   to   the   OIDA headquarters   staff   and   overseas   program   offices.   As   such,   all   OIDA   interns   share   responsibilities   for   administrative   tasks   which   keep   the   office   running   smoothly   and ensure   top   quality   program   support.   In   a   busy   professional   setting,   candidates   must   be   good   team   players,   know   how   to   prioritize   tasks   and   manage   their   time   well.   Below are the descriptions of the three internships and a description of shared responsibilities:   Global Programs Support (GPS) Internship New Business Development (NBD) Internship Communications and Recruitment (COM) Internship   Global Programs Support (GPS) Internship   Under the supervision of the Program Director and several Program Officers, the GPS Intern assists in OIDA's economic and enterprise development projects.   Specific responsibilities include (a) Facilitate communications between Regional field offices and the OIDA headquarters through conference-calls, correspondence, and contact lists· (b) Review, edit and translate (given the necessary skill set) program documents, including all types of reports submitted to the home office from the field. (c) Research various features of existing programs and new business; participate in discussions of program strategy and the field of international development. (d) Assist in the implementation of internal and donor Monitoring & Evaluation to track key program indicators   Additional qualifications for this position (a) Strong organizational skills, ability to multitask.(b) Administration background and interest in program management. (c) Strong research skills, experience with both qualitative and quantitative analysis. (d) Advanced languages skills may also be beneficial   New Business Development (NBD) Internship   Under   the   supervision   of   the      Program   Director   and   the   Recruiting   Specialist,   the   NBD   Intern   provides   assistance   in   country   and   sector   research,   proposal   development and consultant recruiting.   Specific responsibilities include (a)   Work   with   senior   management   in   creation   of   development   proposals   including   country   and   sector   research,   technical   writing   and   editing,   and   administrative,   graphics and production support. (b) Work with the Recruitment Specialist on the recruitment of agribusiness experts and local staff for proposals as well as ongoing program needs.   Additional qualifications for this position (a) Strong research and writing skills. (b) Excellent computer skills, especially in formatting, graphs, diagrams and tables. (c) Strong interpersonal communication skills   Communications and Recruitment (COM) Internship   Under   the   supervision   of   the   Director   of   Communications   and   Marketing   and   Recruitment   Specialist,   the   Communications   and   Recruitment   Intern   provides   assistance   in writing, editing, and general communications tasks as well as in international recruitment efforts for the Program Development Team.   Specific responsibilities include (a) Collecting and editing news and success stories from the field for use in a variety of purposes and for a variety of audiences. (b) Interviewing returned volunteers from the field and writing press releases for distribution and follow up with relevant local media. (c) Providing administrative, graphics, and production support for marketing materials. (d) Assist in the recruitment of agribusiness experts and local staff for proposals as well as ongoing program needs. (e) Formatting of personnel documents to comply with proposal guidelines. (f) Other tasks as needed.   Additional qualifications for this position (a) Strong writing skills, newsroom experience a plus. (b) Excellent computer skills More information please contact   Program Director Ontario International Development Agency 364 Moffatt Pond Court Ottawa Ontario, K2J 0C7 Canada Tel:24/7 Hotline:+ 1 613 612 7615 e-mail:  oida@ontariointernational.org website: www.ontariointernational.org