Visa HOW TO APPLY FOR KENYAN E-VISA ONLINE 1 . Go to either or and click on create eVisa Account. 2 . Once Logged in, Select Department of Immigration Services. 3 . Select submit Application, 4 . Select Kenyan Visa. 5 . Select the type of Visa and read the Instructions Carefully. 6 . Fill in the application form. 7 . Pay using visa card, MasterCard and or debit cards and exit. 8 . After a few days, please “sign in” again to your evisa account, check your visa status then download the approval and print. 9 . Present your printed eVisa to the immigration officer at the port of entry. POINTS TO NOTE Visa processing fee is non-refundable. Incomplete applications will be rejected. The possession of an eVisa is not the final Authority to enter The Republic of Kenya. Engaging in any form of business or employment without a requisite permit or pass is an offence A visa is required prior to entry into The Republic of Kenya. The eVisa printout must be presented at the port of entry. IMMUNIZATION There is no mandatory vaccination requirement for travellers arriving in Kenya from Canada with a lay over in Europe or Middle East. However, those having lay overs in any African country enroute to Kenya may be required to produce a Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate on arrival. It is highly recommended to have one if your itinerary involves visits to more than one country in Africa to avoid inconvenience at ports of entry. For more information on visa application and visa categories based on nationalities, please visit This website provides comprehensive details on all immigration services provided by the Department of Immigration of Kenya in Nairobi including but not limited to work permit, passes, citizenship, other immigration services and frequently asked questions (F.A.Qs). Visa applicants who intend to undertake an internship/ placement and volunteer work in Kenya are further required to liaise with their host organizations/ companies in Kenya to make application for the appropriate authorization to the Director of Immigration Services (P.O. Box 30191, Nairobi. Telephone +254-222-022) prior to their engagement in the respective attachments. Please note that the possession of a Kenyan Visa is not the final authority to enter Kenya. The immigration officer at the port of entry may deny permission to land if the visitor is unable to fulfill the immigration requirements and if the entry and presence of such a person in Kenya would be contrary to national interests, even if such a person is in possession of a valid visa for Kenya, provided that any such refusal is consented to by the Director of Immigration Services in Nairobi, his Deputy or Regional Immigration Heads in Mombasa and Kisumu. A Kenyan entry visa is valid for entry to Kenya within 3 months from the date of issue. The length of stay in Kenya begins on the date of entry into Kenya, NOT from the date of visa issuance. The authority and length of stay is determined and endorsed by an immigration officer at the port of entry Kenya upon your arrival. Accommodation OIDA has reserved rooms for delegates at the Sarova Panafric Hotel Nairobi . In order to receive discounted price you may contact Ms. Hannah Nderi. Senior Sales Account Manager, DL: +254 20 2767222, Mobile:+254 722 319 005 Reservations: +254 709 111 000 Ee-mail: We suggest you may call Ms. Nderi directly to arrange your accommodation. If you require more information, please contact our office. Conference Secretariat Ontario International Development Agency 2581 River Mist Road Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 6G1 Canada. Tel: + 1 613 612 7615 e-mail: website:
International Conference on Sustainable Development 2019 Nairobi, Kenya August 15 -16, 2019 Conference Location Sarova Panafric Hotel Nairobi Along Valley Road, Nairobi, Kenya International Conference on Sustainable Development 2019 is jointly presented by International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Law (ICIRL), Centre for Research in Social Justice and Policy (CRSJP) at Laurentian University and Ontario International Development Agency (OIDA) in Canada. and School of Economics, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. African Women Studies Centre, University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya. Department of Development Studies, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya. Important Dates Last Day to submit Abstract / Paper / Presentation - July 20, 2019 Last date to Issue Notification of acceptance - July 25, 2019 Last date to submit final paper and authors' registration - July 30, 2019 Conference dates August 15 -16, 2019 Note: Abstracts/Papers, acceptances issued on a rolling basis until July 20, 2019. Please submit your Abstract/Paper as early as possible Visa and Accommodation Event Cancelled
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