United Nations Conference Centre 15th International Conference on Sustainable Development Bangkok, Thailand November 23-24, 2021 Conference Location United Nations Conference Centre The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) United Nations Building Rajadamnoen Nok Avenue Bangkok 10200, Thailand 15th International Conference on Sustainable Development is jointly presented by International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Law (ICIRL), Centre for Research in Social Justice and Policy (CRSJP) at Laurentian University and Ontario International Development Agency (OIDA) in Canada. Important Dates Last Day to submit Abstract / Paper / Presentation - October 30, 2021 Last date to register - November 05, 2021 Note: Abstracts/Papers, acceptances issued on a rolling basis until October 30, 2021. Please submit your Abstract/Paper as early as possible Major Themes The International Conference on Sustainable Development consists of following themes. 1. Development, 2. Economics, 3. Environment and Natural Resources, 4. Food and Agriculture, 5. Governance, 6. Health, 7. Information and communication, 8. Science and technology, 9. Social policy. 10. Gender equality
Visa, Travel and Accommodation (Please click on the image) Visa Non-Immigrant Visa Categories "F, B, IM, IB, ED, M, R, RS, EX, and O" 1. Requirement This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to enter the Kingdom for the following purposes: to perform official duties (Category "F") to conduct business / to work, attend business conferences, scuba diving courses, to teach, kick boxing courses (Muay Thai) and massage courses (Category "B") to invest with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries and Government Departments concerned (Category "IM") to invest or perform other activities relating to investment, subject to the provision of the established laws on investment promotion (Category "IB") to study, to come on a work study tour or observation tour , to participate in projects or seminars , to attend a conference or training course , to study as a foreign Buddhist monk (Category "ED") To work as a film-producer, journalist or reporter (Category "M") with permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand. to perform missionary work or other religious activities with the concurrence of the Thai Ministries or Government Departments concerned (Category "R") to conduct scientific research or training or teaching in a research institute (Category "RS") to undertake skilled work or to work as an expert or specialist (Category "EX") Other activities (Category "O") as follows: to stay with the family, to perform duties for the state enterprise or social welfare organizations, to stay after retirement for the elderly, to receive medical treatment, to be a sport coach as required by Thai Government, to be a contestant or witness for the judicial process. 2. Documents Required 2.1 The applicants must submit the following relevant documents depending on the purpose of their visit. Passport or travel document with validity of not less than 6 months. If you require a one year visa, the validity of your passport must not be less than 18 months. (Damaged, invalid or altered passports will not be accepted). Visa application form completely filled out with applicant's signature (2"x2") photograph of the applicant, taken within the past six months.(photocopy or photo taken from Photostat or from vending machine will not be accepted). Copy of Thai Marriage Certificate or if Canadian Marriage Certificate, copy must be notarized ("O") Transcript / Letter of acceptance from the concerned schools/universities or institutes ("ED") Letter from Thailand's Board of Investment. ("IB") Official Note certifying the purpose of travel from the Government Agencies /Embassies and Consulates / International Organizations / State Enterprises in Thailand. ("F" / "B" / "ED" / "M" / "R") - Letter of approval from the Ministry of Labour (To obtain this letter, the prospective employer in Thailand is required to submit Form WP3 at the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour Tel.02-2452745, 02-2453209 or at a Provincial Employment Office in the respective province. Further information is available at www.doe.go.th/workpermit/index.html) ("B") Letter from a company stating the objective of the visit to Thailand ("B") Document showing correspondence with trading partners in Thailand. ("B") - Letter of invitation from companies qualified to employ foreigners. ("B") Employment contract indicating rationale for employing the applicant as well as his/her salary, position and qualifications (document must be signed by authorized managing director and affixed the seal of the company) ("B") Copy of Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Labour (only in case the applicant has previously worked in the Kingdom ) ("B") Copy of corporate documents; namely 1) list of shareholders 2) business registration and business license 3) company profile 4) details of business operation 5) list of foreign workers stating names, nationalities and positions 6) map indicating the location of the company 7) Balance sheet, statement of Income Tax and Business Tax (Por Ngor Dor 50 and Por Ngor Dor 30) of the latest year 8) Alien income tax return (Por Ngor Dor 91) and 9) Value-added tax registration (Por Ngor Dor 20) , etc.("B") Copy of educational records of the applicant and letters of recommendation from the prior employers, identifying job description and length of service time. ("B") Document indicating the number of foreign tourists (for tourism business only) ,or document indicating export transactions issued by banks (for export business only)("B") 2.2 The document to be submitted for non-immigrant visa application is contingent upon necessities and appropriateness of purposes stated in the application form. 2.3 Copies of company documents must be signed by Board of Directors and affixed the seal of the company. 2.4 In the absence of a required document, a letter explaining the unavailability of such document must be provided. 2.5 The applicant must sign on each page of the copy. 2.6 Documents in foreign languages must be translated into Thai. If translated into English, it should be notarized by notary organs or the applicant's diplomatic/ consular mission. 3. Validity of a visa Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are valid for three months. Multiple-entry visas could also be valid for one year. Single entry the passport must be 6 months valid or more, for multiple entries, the passport must be 18 months valid or more. 4. Period of stay The holders of this type of visa are initially granted a period of stay in the Kingdom not exceeding 90 days unless otherwise instructed by the Office of Immigration Bureau. 5. Extension of stay Those qualified persons can obtain an additional one year stay permit counting from the date of entry in the Kingdom pertaining to the Office of the Immigration Bureau's regulations on extension of stay. The extension of stay is at the discretion of the Immigration officer. Tourist Visa Exemption According to the Interior Ministerial Announcements dated 1 October B.E. 2545 (2002), 20 December B.E. 2545 (2002), 18 October B.E. 2547 (2004), 6 May B.E. 2548 (2005), and 23 June 2554 (2011), passport holders from 48 countries and 1 special administrative region - Hong Kong SAR - are not required to obtain a visa when entering Thailand for tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period of not exceeding 30 days on each visit. If such foreigners enter the Kingdom at the immigration checkpoints which border neighboring countries, they will be allowed to stay for 15 days each time, except Malaysian nationals who cross the borderline from Malaysia whose granted period of stay will not exceed 30 days each time. Please note that Tourist Visa Exemption does not apply to foreigners holding Travel Document for Aliens issued by these countries. Foreigners entering Thailand under the Tourist Visa Exemption category must possess adequate finances for the duration of stay in Thailand (i.e., cash 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family). Australia: Commonwealth of Australia Austria: Republic of Austria Belgium: Kingdom of Belgium Brazil: Federative Republic of Brazil (****) Bahrain: State of Bahrain Brunei Darussalam: Negara Brunei Darussalam Canada Denmark: Kingdom of Denmark Finland: Republic of Finland France: French Republic Germany: Federal Republic of Germany Greece: Hellenic Republic Hong Kong: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Iceland: Republic of Iceland Indonesia: Republic of Indonesia Ireland: Republic of Ireland Israel: State of Israel Italy: Republic of Italy Japan Korea: Republic of Korea (****) Kuwait: State of Kuwait Luxembourg: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Malaysia Monaco: Principality of Monaco Netherlands: Kingdom of the Netherlands New Zealand Norway: Kingdom of Norway Oman: Sultanate of Oman Peru: Republic of Peru (****) Philippines: Republic of the Philippines Portugal : Republic of Portugal Qatar: State of Qatar Singapore: Republic of Singapore Spain: Kingdom of Spain South Africa: Republic of South Africa Sweden: Kingdom of Sweden Switzerland: Swiss Confederation Turkey: Republic of Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United States of America Vietnam: Socialist Republic of Vietnam Czech: Czech Republic Hungary: Republic of Hungary Liechtenstein: Principality of Liechtenstein Poland: Republic of Poland Slovak: Slovak Republic Slovenia : Republic of Slovenia (****)Thailand holds bilateral agreements on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic, official and ordinary passports for a visit of not exceeding 90 days with Brazil, the Republic of Korea and Peru. Therefore, nationals of these 3 countries are exempted from visa requirements and are permitted to enter and stay in Thailand for a period of not exceeding 90 days. For more information on countries that have bilateral agreements on visa exemption with Thailand, please see List of countries which have concluded agreements on the exemption of visa requirements with Thailand. Travel Reaching the United Nations Conference Centre Participants should make their own transportation arrangements from Suvarnabhumi Airport or Donmuang International Airport to their respective hotels. Limousine, metered-taxi and bus services are readily available at the airport. Detailed information about the airports can be found at < https://airportthai.co.th/en/ >. To avail themselves of the airport limousine service, it is strongly recommended that participants contact only the authorized officials at the counters located in the airport arrival zone. These officials will issue a ticket for the assignment of a limousine for transporting passengers to the desired destination, upon request. The Suvarnabhumi International Airport limousine service counters are located on Level 2 at Baggage Claim and Arrival Hall exits, channels A, B and C. For public taxi, participants are advised to proceed to Level 1 of the Passenger Terminal, between exit doors 4 and 7, outdoor area, where they will find automatic dispensing machines from which they can collect a queuing ticket for a public taxi. In addition to toll fees, there is a 50 Baht surcharge to be added to the meter charge from airport to the city. Please refer to the airport website noted above for details. Participants should make their own transport arrangements to and from the UNCC. Metered-taxis are readily available in the city. Some hotels close to the United Nations building provide complimentary transport to and from the UNCC according to fixed schedules. Accommodation List of recommended Hotels by the UNCC. Please click here. More information for participants, please click here. If you require more information, please contact our office. Conference Secretariat Ontario International Development Agency 2581 River Mist Road Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 6G1 Canada. Tel: + 1 613 612 7615 e-mail: oida@ontariointernational.org website: www.ontariointernational.org